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Proof of SIM

Introducing web3 souls

Proof of SIM

Resolving the Trilemma for Decentralized Identity:

The trilemma between Sybil resistance, privacy preservation, and self-sovereignty has been preventing the realization of a truly decentralized identity for a while.  A hardware is required to cold start the system. By using the user’s existing mobile device, the PoSIM protocol allows for a smooth onboarding journey with a familiar interface and without burdensome hardware investment.

The PoSIM protocol aims to solve the trilemma by leveraging the SIM card. 

As part of the global mobile telecommunications network and defined by the GSMA for identifying each individual user, the SIM is part of a mature, global network that has been functioning and servicing millions for decades.  This ubiquity and availability of the SIM makes it the perfect platform for a decentralized identity that is natively born on the mobile network

1.Attested by the block chain
2.Born on the mobile network

3.Secured by the smart card system

White Paper

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